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Poems in their exploratory, innovative and hybrid nature are of particular interest, as well as blurred genre forms that include visual, narrative and dramatic elements of fiction and dialogue. Each contribution in this section includes a "Working Note" briefly describing the writing process of the project attempted. A revolving guest editor will invite contributions and select from proposals for the issue she edits. Guest editor for this issue is Carla Harryman
(see bio below). The guest editor for H2/n5 is Renee Gladman, <>.


Carla harrymanCarla Harryman-- Guest Editor
Carla Harryman is a poet, prose writer, essayist, playwright, and experimental theater director. Recent books include The Words after Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories and Jean-Paul Sartre, There Never Was a Rose Without a Thorn, and Memory Play. She is currently writing a collection of essays on the works of Kathy Acker and a book of prose poems titled Three Portraits: M., Baby, and Him. She is Senior Lecurer in the Department of English at Wayne State University and is on the summer 2000 faculty of Bard College's Milton Avery School of the Arts.

France Thèoret
Translated by Gail Scott

Sawako Nakayasu
"Moving Balcony in Tokyo," "On the Balcony Missing a Friend," "Night Looks Down on Me," "Balconinc Poetics, and "Having Been Married"

Jeanne Heuving
"Gaudy Night"

Rebecca Brown
"A Description or Description of a Struggle", "Enough"

Camille Roy
"Cheap Speech"

Chris Tysh
"Mother, I:" a film script based on Bataille's Ma Mère

Cole Heinowitz
“Is this just for show?”, "Old Man," and "Preface 3: Movement, A Lover"

Jennifer Ginzinger
“The Spiral and the Cycle”, "Fragments"

Lynn Crawford
"Business", "Ocean Room"

Sydney Brown
"Eggflower, Land"


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