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editorís notes &, How2/4

This issue represents an important turning-point for all of us associated with the editing and production of How2. My original idea for the journal was to get a template in place -- that is, to design and demonstrate its visual & editorial architecture and general field of inquiry, and to see it through four issues (two years) of editing and production. This plan has been carried out with the exceptional partnership of Mg. Editor, Jo Ann Wasserman, and Webmaster, Roberta Sims. With the finished editing of number four, I've come to the completion of what I envisioned for my tenure as Editor-in-chief, and am very eager to return to my own writing practice and to feel the pulse of younger generations of writers and scholars infusing the H2 project with new energy. JO Ann Wasserman will soon be returning to graduate school and, thus moving out of the Mg. Editor role at this same time.

I'll be handing over the main editorial direction to Ann Vickery, modernist/contemporary scholar from Sydney, Australia. I am particularly pleased to have found in Vickery an Editor from an Anglo-American country other than the U.S., for I believe that such a change will further open up the critical discussion and range of innovative women's writing and will encourage participation from a greater range of contributors in the English-speaking world. Vickery's tenure as the new Editor-in-Chief will begin on October 1, as she takes on the editing of issue n.5, due in February of 2001. She is currently in the process of finding the right person (in her part of the world) to be the next Managing Editor. If, as a reader-writer, you have a particular project or piece of writing or scholarship that you'd like to propose for the next cycle of How2, please write to Ann Vickery directly and give her your suggestions at: <>. She will welcome all the friendly and practical and inspired support you can bring to this next stage of the H2 venture. {For a test of Ann's thinking, I refer you to the "reading/s" section of this issue, where we've run an excerpted "Introduction" from her new critical history, to be published by Wesleyan/UPNE in December of this year.]

I want, here, to especially acknowledge the superb engineering skills, design flexibility and sense of fun brought to our project by our webmaster, Roberta Sims, who generous time and patience has pulled us through the first and -- hopefully -- most difficult learning curve of creating and maintaining a website such as ours.

Equally important has been the very significant contribution of JO Ann Wasserman who, in her Mg. Editor role, has been an invaluable source of ideas, feedback and patient work and has been a true and worthy partner in this adventure. JO Ann and I will still be an active part of the H2 project, but in less visible ways -- JO Ann continuing to produce the "work/book" section, featuring interviews of writers and their process, and myself in a Contributing Editor role, continuing to facilitate the "postcard" correspondence section and to act as a general resource person. [I hope that more of you will start writing your little & big informal responses, kvetches, arguments and pleasures -- regarding the texts that are shaping your reading -- in a more engaged & regular "practice" of speaking your mind/s...and that you'll encourage your students and publicly shy colleagues to do the same.]

Breaking the silence & initiating dialogue in the larger domain of taste-making, editing choice vs. erasure, and canon-formation -- past and present -- are still goals-in-progress for women writers. Until you speak, you will be spoken for.

The brilliant thing about electronic publishing is that it makes this sort of international shift possible, thanks to the ease and swiftness of communication that e-mail and web publishing affords. With all this electronic space travel, permanence is important, and Bucknell University remains our "home." Cynthia Hogue, as well as staff members in the Stadler Poetry Center and the library administration at Bucknell University, can never be thanked enough for providing our website and the services Bucknell's webmaster, Roberta short, for giving us the stability to make this journal more than just an idea.

All my gratitude to each of you for your contributing activism...and do remain in touch!

Kathleen Fraser/ out-going Editor, How2


Kathleen FraserEditor /Publisher: Kathleen Fraser

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Roberta SimsWeb Designer: Roberta L. Sims

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Kathy Lou Schultz [U Penn] & Hilda Boffin [Royal Holloway College, University of London], inter-continental coordinators of the "in-conference" section <> and <>

Lisa Docherty [Wellington, N.Z.] and Anya Lewim [Dartington College/U.K.], international scouts for mixed media and performance works. <> and <>



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