Books recently received and noted. Readers and publishers are encouraged to send in listings for this section, or copies of new books for review in "alerst". (See masthead for postal address.) Many small press books, particularly if not listed with ordering addresses, may be ordered from Small Press Distribution: FAX (510) 524-0852 /or, toll-free (800) 869-7553.

Marjorie Agosin and Julie H. Levison, eds. Magical Sites: Women Travellers in 19th Century Latin America, White Pine Press, 1999.

Anne-Marie Albiach, A Discursive Space, Duration, 1999.

Beth Anderson, The Domain of Inquiry, Instress, 1999.

Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, Aunt Lute Books, 1999 (reprint).

Lucia Berlin, Where I Live Now: Stories 1993-1998, Black Sparrow Press, 1999.

Olga Broumas, Rave: Poems 1975-1999, Copper Canyon Press, 1999.

Mary Burger, Nature’s Maw Gives & Gives, Duration Press, 1999.

Norma Cole, The Vulgar Tongue, a+ bend press,, 2000.

Emily Dickinson, Open Me Carefully, Ellen Louise hart and Martha Nell Smith, eds. Paris Press, 1998.

Rikki Ducornet, The Monsterous and the Marvelous, City Lights,, 1999.

Marcella Durand

"in media res" (postcard, edition of 80. 50˘) Double Lucy Books/Lucille #2, PO Box 9013, Berkeley, CA 94709, 2000.

Production, SubPub, 332 East 4th Street, #24, New York, NY 10009, 1999.

Zang Er, Verses on Bird, tr. Eleni Sikelianos, Jensen/Daniels, Talisman House, PO Box 3157, Jersey City, NJ, 07303, 1999.

Kathleen Fraser, Translating the Unspeakable/ Poetry and the Innovative Necessity, University of Alabama Press,, 2000.

Mary E. Galvin, Queer Poetics: Five Modernist Women Writers, Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1999.

Dianne Glancy, The Closets of Heaven, Chax Press, 1999.

Renee Gladman, Four, Kelsey Street Press,, 2000.

Lauren Gudath, The Television Documentary, Second Story Books, c/o

Mary Burger, 85 Henry Street, #5, San Francisco, CA 94114,, 1999.

Barbara Guest, The Confetti Trees, Sun & Moon Press,, 1999.

Barbara Guest (poetry), Laurie Reid(art), Symbiosis, Kelsey Street Press,, 2000.

Nathalie Handal, The Neverfield Poem, Post-Apollo Press, 35 Marie Street, Sausalito, CA, 94965, 1999.

Carla Harryman, The Words: After Carl Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories and Jean-Paul Satre, O books,, 1999.

Lyn Hejinian, Happily, Post-Apollo Press, 35 Marie Street, Sausalito, CA, 94965, 1999.

Barbara Henning, Me and My Dog, Meeting Eyes Bindery, Pamphlet Series Twenty-three,, 1999.

Jeanne Heuving, Offering, bcc, Seattle, 1997

Laura Hinton, The Perverse Gaze of Sympathy, SUNY Press,, 1999.

Susan Howe, Pierce-Arrow, New Directions, 80 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, 1999.

Lisa Jarnot, The Eightfold Path, a+ bend press,, 2000.

Joanne Kyger,

Patzcuaro, Blue Millennium Press, 1999.

Some Life Post-Apollo Press, 1999.

Michele Leggott, As Far As I Can See, Aukland University Press, 1999.

Rachel Levitsky, Dearly, a+ bend press,, 1999.

Lisa Lubasch, How Many More of Them Are You, Avec Books, Pengrove, CA, 1999.

Kimberly Lyons, Abracadabra, Granary Press,, 2000.

Shelia E. Murphy, The Indelible Occasion, Potes & Poets Press, Elmwood, CT, 2000.

Rose Najia, Body Auguries, a+ bend press,, 1999.

Akilah, Oliver the she said dialogues: flesh memory, Smokeproof Press, 1999.

Joan Retallack, Mongrelisme, paradigm press, 1999.

Elizabeth Robinson, The Seed for Bread, Kelsey Street Press,, 2000,

Judith Roitman, Slippage, Potes & Poets Press, Elmwood, CT, 1999.

Leslie Scalapino, Seamless Antilandscape, Spectacular Books,, 1999.

Elizabeth Treadwell

The Milk Bees (12 page pamphlet, edition of 50, first 20 handsewn & decorated by the author. $1) Double Lucy Books/Lucille #1, PO Box 9013, Berkeley, CA 94709, 2000

Populace, Avec Books, Pengrove, CA, 1999.

Cecelia Vicuna, Instan, Kelsey Street Press,, 2000,

Jo Ann Wasserman, we build mountains, a+ bend press,, 1999.

Readers are invited to write informal, reflective and/or analytic responses to the above books. Please e-mail HOW2 <> to let us know which books you'd like to comment on...or other books for listing here.


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