WORKING NOTES by Candace Pirnak
These poems were written in a spirit of inquisitiveness and admiration. I had been reading Eigner and was trying to understand his use of space and object on the page—what it is that his poems do and how they do it. "From Themselves" responds to both his poetry and his writings on poetry. Similarly, "a narrative" draws as much from Jandl's explication of his "erschaffung der eva" as from his poem itself—an amazing poem, I think—yet one I felt needed a rebuttal, however mild, to the patriarchal infrastructure upon which his poem is built.


Two Poems:

a narrative

from themselves



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BIO: Candace Pirnak lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island. She received her Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz and her MFA from Brown University. Her work has previously appeared in The Germ.

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