Working Notes: The films Rope, Compulsion and Swoon all hover in the vicinity of this poem. All three films are versions of the Leopold and Loeb story. H. L. Mencken was their lawyer -- his transcripts of the trial also hover. What is the nature of the unthinkable? of crime? Sacrifice, still the most erotic act and still never enough. To say anything is to say too much. To do anything too. To write anything too. Murder and everything standing in for something else.

                  THE 12th of NEVER

Fibula Fabula Fable

      "My parents never gave me anything," he said.
      "That's not true," replied the fairy God Mother and
      handed him a jeweled ashtray with ashes in it.

whose heads and hands are covered in dark socks
left at an intersection
in a stroller
(in a nest -- one falls
through the firescape)
return secretly
walk them every day

      as if one person is the whole audience     sentence
      then sudden music stoppage
      stampede     silence
      bellowing cattle
      clattering hooves
      fists landing    grunting     breathing
      in stealth or suspense
      an absolute musical lapse

the page of screen turns
walk the letters across the screen -- pull them

or you can leave all the cards where they have fallen -- littering the
new year -- leave them there and let them melt rot

      He took the lens out of his mouth
      take the glass off your tongue
      and put it on the finger of his him

downshore a horselike head was finally surfacing from the marsh.
I saw the stripes that show what hope is like

and so my actions inaudible to me

1 May Dream: having agreed to a carefully planned and plotted
means: she will have a child.
            -- From The Dreambook of the Teflon Twins


            Put a sheet of film in the Underwood

                      close ups type:

                    FINAL WORD OF WARNING

                        I'M NOT A JEW

I'll kidnap my brother and collect ransom from my father

--My kind of incest: Our progeny --child body


                    I AM LITTLE

                    MY HEART IS SAD



            I dreamt of pharaohs and slaves
              the word masturbation
              taken into a ship
                the purchased
                  word    a slave
                    Three Choices
                       First of all     I would set him free
                        and move the tatoo on his thigh to his
"want a ride home?"

Fibula Fabula Fable

              Let the letterbox hold the windshield
               Let the hole hold the body
                  Let the kiss over the burial suffice
                                                              until later

A Passover story
neck razor and evidence
                      enthralled audience
either an amateur or a sadist
some were struck so hard
they were almost driven through the paper
others were struck almost tentatively

                              dinner table

Laughter Opera

burned the clothing             read by the light of the shoes
on a bridge

to obliterate pain by adding to it

let's go
to the scene of the find

Get a stenographer
Be my slave

angel face       master mind

  Alienist             face of a crushed hat

partly from the pillow partly from his own body
a smell to die for

blood from the bird's breast or
brush with the head of Christ?

2 May Dream             despondent




All escapes in the world
fell through
the firescape
        -- From The Dreambook of the Teflon Twins

The Questioning Room

        One step behind the curtain please


                                photo op

Why wind him in a sheet?
Why turn him into an hourglass?

travelling without permission
                            eyes willed to the eyebank
                            and succesfully transferred

                           orgy of publicity my enemy
                           dying to tell to

C.O.D. on the Kontiki out to sea
where the horizon divulges
its propensity for deep piracy
and coughs up another
disarranged beyond recognition

TYPE: PORTRAYAL in a bottle

the 12th before the 1st
three wishes locked in trench mouth

BIO: Susan Gevirtz lives in San Francisco. Her books include Narrative's Journey: The Fiction and Film Writing of Dorothy Richardson, Peter Lang, 1996; PROSTHESIS : : CAESAREA, Potes and Poets, 1994; Taken Place, Reality Street, 1993; Linen minus, Avenue B, 1992; Domino: point of entry, Leave Books, 1992. Black Box Cutaway is just out from Kelsey Street.

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