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Student Essays and Photos - Australia

“Being in Melbourne gave me the opportunity to meet and spend time with other creative writing graduate students from the other side of the world … Jewell, Rachel, and I presented our work in a masterclass with the Monash grad students, and it was perhaps the highlight of my experience in Australia to see our work – and ourselves – received with such interest and warmth, from, again, people all the way around the world. There really is something universal about writing and creativity.”

–Matt Brennan

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“Matt and I were also able to read some of our work in the master-class at Monash, and explain how and why we were motivated to write. This privilege forced me to think about my writing and how I would be categorize it and choose to speak about it. I have to admit that I experimented with this reading, that I put as much of myself into it as I thought possible; I read my poetry in a way that I never have before … I have a whole new confidence in myself as a public reader of my own work and know that this will give me the confidence to read proudly in the future.”

–Rachel Malis

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