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Student Photos and Essays - Argentina

“La Plata was the first foreign city where I could envision myself living. It’s not beautiful, nor is there an abundance of activity. What’s the draw? I would have to say the people. In La Plata I encountered virtually no tourists. I had the chance, for three weeks, to become part of life in Argentina, sharing maté, eating three hour meals, kissing cheeks during salutations, barbecuing asado, going out until six in the morning, dodging ultra-aggressive traffic, going to international soccer matches, speaking only Spanish...Reading and writing filled the cracks of my days. I read authors recommended to me by shop owners, bus drivers and people at bars. I read books in the cities in which they were set. I remembered the thrill of reading the audaciously constructed sentences of Latin American authors, the raw, unapologetic passion. Peru, Chile and Argentina birthed my favorite writers, and I was there. Traveling made me want to write, and writing made me want to travel... every day of my trip was a day unlike any other day I’d lived."

–Chad Fore

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