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The Current Selection


March 2010

The Dead Fish Museum
by Charles D'Ambrosio

Discussion Period
March 22-26

A Question of Freedom  

Each of these eight burnished, terrifying, masterfully crafted stories is set against a landscape that is both deeply American and unmistakably universal. Taking place in remote cabins, asylums, Indian reservations, and the streets of Seattle, this collection of stories, as muscular and challenging as the best novels, is about people who have been orphaned, who have lost connection, and who have exhausted the ability to generate meaning in their lives. Yet in the midst of lacerating difficulty, the sensibility at work in these fictions boldly insists on the enduring power of love. “D’Ambrosio spins out descriptive lines or dialogue strong enough to lift the entire edifice of a story with a shudder.” (Chicago Tribune)