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Student Photos and Essays - Oxford

“While staying at the beautiful Corpus Christi College, I began each day with a traditional English breakfast along with the attendees of the festival’s workshop. Our conversations every morning were saturated with ideas about craft and good reading. The workshop seemed to be comprised of writers from every walk of life: from novelists and playwrights seeking the concentrated time to write to a dog-trainer and stay-at-home mom. I found myself energized by their passion. Every lecture I attended was brilliant, given by experts in each of their fields. When I wasn’t busy writing or touring around the festival, I spent my days walking around the city of Oxford. There was something truly humbling about walking the same streets where so many famous writers spent their days. I felt invigorated to spend time in a city so clearly enamored with its literary heritage and so eager to share it with students and visitors alike. My trip to Oxford reignited something in me that had been flickering in the midst of an all-too-busy semester."

—Rachel Andoga

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