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Trip Preparation and Helpful Links - Montreal

Passport: Required; make sure it is valid through 6 months after the end of your trip

Visa: Not required

Insurance: International Student ID Card (ISIC – through STA Travel, or Confirm with Matt and Jewell


Routine – MMR, DPT, flu, chickenpox, polio, etc.
Hepatitis B

Malaria: No risk

Notices: See the above CDC link for travel and safety notices about H1N1, Bird Flu, dengue, measles, and other recommendations for safety.

Currency/Exchange: Canadian Dollar

1/26/10: $1 = 1.0568 CAD

Money: Check with your bank: some US banks are partnered with foreign banks and will not charge you fees for using those ATMs.


In June: Average temperatures: 75 high / 53 low / Average rainfall: 3.4 inches

IPO 24 Hour Emergency Number: +1(602) 220-1372

Other Notes: Call bank and credit card companies to inform them you will be out of the country and using your cards abroad, so they don’t freeze them.


Helpful Links

Summer Literary Seminars:


Additional Links:


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