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Student Photos and Essays - Montreal

“During SLS Montreal’s two-week series of workshops, panels, lectures, readings, and other educational opportunities, I met with writers coming from all over Canada and the United States (and a few from other parts of the world). Every other day was a full workshop load, followed by a social hour hosted by Christian and then readings in the evening. The non-workshop days provided opportunities to attend various panels, talks and readings, and there were also SLS-coordinated social and sightseeing events, like two open mic nights for program participants. This schedule allowed me some flexibility in balancing my educational goals and my attraction to the city; I felt both challenged and supported by the literary atmosphere, but still found plenty of time to explore and absorb."

—Angie Dell

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“In the end, I felt SLS was exactly what it should have been: an experience defined more by the friends I made than the luminaries I encountered. The incredible readings, the opportunity to work with a fiction writer and a poet whom I particularly admire, the window into a different nation’s literary culture – all these things were valuable, but variable. A future participant will find new readers, different faculty, and a scene evolved beyond my experiences of the Anglophone literary world in Montreal. But hopefully SLS will continue to provide a conference structure that allows for friendships to evolve between like-minded artists – which is the real worth of any good literary forum."

—Adrienne Celt

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