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Global Outreach: Archives


In the past, the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing's Global Outreach programs have sent students and faculty to projects in:


AUSTRALIA. Though the world’s smallest continent, Australia features a full range of topography and ecosystems: desert, grassland, mountains, rainforests, coral reefs. It is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the koala, the platypus; it is one of the seventeen countries identified as harboring the majority of earth’s species, and a high percentage of Australia’s species are endemic only to the continent

MEXICO. Named after a white-flowering tree, which was in turn the namesake of the Zapotec city of Monte Alban (“White Mountain”) that overlooks the city, Oaxaca is a city of a quarter-million people in southern Mexico. The state is on the Pacific, but a mountain range stands between the city of Oaxaca, at 4500 feet itself, and the sea. The region is known for its mole sauces, its cheese, its grasshoppers and its mezcal, as well as pottery, woven textiles, and alebrijes (colorful wooden sculptures). The historic district, characterized by stone architecture, cobbled streets, and an abundance of majestic cathedrals, is a haven for artists.

ALBERTA. Canada’s western frontier. Developed through a long history of explorers, mavericks, prospectors and cowboys, this province spans the Midwestern plains of Calgary, the northeastern reaches of the Banff Rockies, and the oil fields in the north. Banff, surrounded by snowcapped peaks, is home to the Banff Centre for the Arts. Downtown Calgary, Phoenix’s sister city, features museums, galleries, and playhouses. At night, you may find poetry projected in colored lights against the sidewalk.


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