University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness

Program Measures

Two measures must be provided for each program outcome. One measure must be direct; the other may be direct or indirect. Examples of direct and indirect measures are shown in the table below. Grades are not acceptable measures of student learning.

Direct Indirect
Capstone Student surveys
Portfolios Alumni surveys
Standardized tests Employer surveys
Licensure/certification exams Job placement data
Projects Acceptance by graduate programs
Performance assessment  
Classroom assignments/exams  
Theses and dissertations  

Be specific when identifying measures. Examples:

  • Capstone
    • Outcome: oral communication
    • Measure: student presentations of capstone projects
    • Outcome: research skills
    • Measure: design, implementation, analysis, interpretation of capstone research project
  • Licensure/certification exams
    • Outcome: application of core Nursing competencies
    • Measure: first-time pass rates on NCLEX
    • ETS' Major Field Tests measure students' application of content knowledge in the following disciplines:
      • Associate Degree in Business
      • Bachelor's Degree in Business
      • Biology
      • Business (Bachelor's and MBA)
      • Chemistry
      • Computer Science
      • Criminal Justice
      • Economics Psychology
      • History
      • Literature in English
      • Mathematics
      • Music
      • Physics
      • Political Science
      • Sociology
  • Classroom assignments/exams
    • List specific course(s) that will be included, and specific assignment or exam, if known
  • Practica/internships
    • Project or report completed as part of experience
    • Evaluations by experience supervisor(s). Not satisfaction surveys - actual ratings of student performance that is directly related to the outcome. Like capstones, these experiences may be used to measure student performance on more than one outcome.
  • Theses and dissertations
    • Ideal for graduate programs. Contact UOEEE for examples of rubrics that can be used to evaluate the quality of theses and dissertations in several disciplines.
  • Survey data from UOEEE
    • Our Research and Evaluation team collects data from graduating students and alumni. Contact us for more information.

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