Some additional recommended activities for teachers to give to students are:

Have the students draw pictures that represent the values that Dr. King believed in, such as peace, diversity, respect, etc.

Collage: Give the students an assignment where they create a MLK collage made of any medium (newspapers, magazines, art/craft products, plants, photographs, paintings, etc), to represent the values that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in.

Letter Writing: Have the students write a letter to Dr. King as if he were alive today. They can ask him questions, anything they are interested in knowing about him, how he has impacted their lives based on what they have learned about him. It also might be interesting to talk about how Dr. King has impacted the lives of their parents, who may have more of a direct connection to Dr. King.

Quizzes: In groups of two, have students create a 15-question quiz, with an answer key, and then trade quizzes with another group, so that each group works together to find the answers to the other group's quiz.

Acting Project: Have the students choose an influential African American person and to get in groups of 3-4 people. Each students should choose one person to research, and as a group will perform a skit containing all of the group's chosen historical figures in front of the class. Ex…. “John” chose Harriet Tubman, “Amanda” chose Malcolm X, and “Craig” is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They each act the role of that person to teach about the achievements or impacts that that person had on history.

Comparative Analysis: Have the students write a comparative analysis of 2-3 influential African-Americans, how they were influential, and how they made an impact on history. Have them relate the actions of these figures to actions that the students can take to make an impact on their future.

What if: Have the students write about what they think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be doing today if he were still alive. What sort of impact could he have made, what role would he play in politics, history, rights activism, etc.