Phelps, Lincoln, Mrs. (Almira H. Lincoln?)


Familiar Lectures on Botany: Including Practical and Elementary Botany, with Generic and Specific Descriptions of the Most Common Native and Foreign Plants, and a Vocabulary of Botanical Terms: For the Use of Higher Schools and Academies.

Hartford, H. and F. J. Huntington, 1829. References: Shoemaker 40034.

This first edition of a high school botany textbook was much used by girl's schools because it glossed over plant anatomy terms deemed improper.  For example, the class Mammalia, in the section devoted to classification of animals, is described as having "lungs, and peculiar organs for imbibing their food, during their first stage of existence."  The author begins her work with an introduction to the subject, and then takes the student through all the plant classes.  This is followed by a detailed history of botany and a classification of the animals, as well as an overview of the world showing where botany fits in the overall scheme of things.

Subjects: Botany--Study and teaching.


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