Old Gardener

The Practical American Gardener: Exhibiting the Time for Every Kind of Work in the Kitchen Garden, Fruit Garden, Orchard, Nursery, Shrubbery, Pleasure Ground, Flower Garden, Hop Yard, Green House, Hot House, and Grape Vines: For Every Month in the Year.

Baltimore: Published by Fielding Lucas, Jr., 1819 (J. Robinson, printer). Includes index. References: Shaw & Shoemaker, 49175.

This work provides a month by month explanation of what to plant, maintain, and harvest for both vegetables and flowers.  This work discusses the kitchen garden, fruit garden, orchard, nursery, shrubbery, pleasure garden, flower garden, hop vines, green house and conservatory, hot house, and grape vines.  Each of these sections is arranged by the calendar month.  There is an index by subject to the entire work.

Subjects: Gardening.


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