Barnum, H. L.


Family Receipts, or, Practical Guide for the Husbandman and Housewife: Containing a Great Variety of Valuable Recipes, Relating to Agriculture, Gardening, Brewery, Cookery, Dairy, Confectionary, Diseases, Farriery, Ingrafting, and the Various Branches of Rural and Domestic Economy: To Which is Added a Plain, Concise, Method of Keeping Farmer's Accounts, with Forms of Notes of Hand, Bills, Receipts, &c., &c.

Cincinnati: A. B. Roff, 1831.

This is the first cookery book printed in the Midwest, but it is much more than just a book on cooking. According to the preface, "we doubt whether any person (whose intellect is on a parallel with ours,) can produce such a heterogenius mass of matter as may be found in the following pages, without committing plagiarism." The first section deals with agriculture, covering a wide variety of topics including three different methods for killing cockroaches, advice on setting apple and other fruit trees on a light soil, directions for the culture of the currant bush, and what perfumes are effective in preventing moldiness. The next section is devoted to gardening, including soil preparation, germination of seeds, techniques for transplanting and grafting, and how to treat red spiders. This section ends with a section giving short directios for cultivating garden vegetables, arranged alphabetically, and also a calendarial index for gardeners, giving detailed advice for each month. The third section of this book discusses the brewery including how to brew ale in small families. The chapter on cookery gives "general directions to the mistress of a family" and deals mainly with meats, poultry, and fish. There in also a chapter on Dairy followed by a chapter on Confectionary. The chapter on diseases not only describes the various aliments, but also gives recipes for cures. Finally, there are chapters on ingrafting, detailing a variety of methods for grafting, and farmers accounts, which give examples of account books, promissory notes, bills, and receipts. Each section of this work, which is written in a very practical, down-to-earth style, includes citations from learned sources. There is a detailed index included.

Subjects: Recipes; Home economics; Family farms--management.


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