Monardes, Nicolas

ca. 1512-1588.

Delle Cose Che Vengono Portate dall'Indie Occidentali Pertinenti all'vso della Medicina.

Nouamente recata dalla spagnola nella nostra lingua Italiana. In Venetia: Presso di Giordano Ziletti, 1575. Part 1 is a translation of the author's Dos Libros, el Uno Trata de Todas las Cosas que Traen de Nuestras Indias Occidetales, que Siruen al Uso de Medicina; Part 2, a translation of his Segunda Parte del Libro, de las Cosas que Setraen de Nuestras Indias Occidentales. The 2 pts., with an additional 3rd pt., were later published under the title: Primera y Segunda y Tercera Partes de la Historia Medicinal. The anonymous translation differs from that of A. Briganti.--Cf. Hunt v.I, p. liv. Parts 1 and 2 have separate title pages and separate paging. First Italian ed.--Cf. Hunt 122. References: Hunt 122.

First Italian edition of Monardes' important work that was translated into many languages.    For a full description of this work, see PAT-77.  Monardes also describes coca, a stimulant and anodyne of importance to anesthetists and illegal drug dealers.  Unfortunately, he did not have any mention of quinine, which had to wait almost another century before its discovery.

Subjects: Medicinal plants; Latin America.


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