Mattioli, Pietro Andrea


Pietri Andreae Matthioli. . .Epistolarum medicinalium libri quinque.

Lugduni: Apud Caesarem Farinam, 1564. Series of letters between Mattioli, a botanist and well-known physician, and several contemporaries in the field of medicine. References: BM STC French, 1470-1600. Includes index.

Mattioli apparently suffered a personality change midway through his life.  He became absolutely absorbed with Dioscorides, confident that only he and Dioscorides were correct.  He reached a point where he would attack maliciously any who dared to criticize.  He was responsible for ruining several careers, and even Gesner failed to escape his wrath.  While many of the letters in this work are not dated, those which are were written from 1856-1859.  For the most part, Mattioli's letters are very lengthy and comprehensive and the letters to him are much shorter.  The index at the end lists subjects as well as plant names.

Subjects: Herbal medicine.


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