Mattioli, Pietro Andrea


Petri Andreae Matthioli . . . Compendium de plantis omnibus: una cum earum iconibus, de quibus scripsit suis in commentariis in Dioscoridem editis, in eorum studiosorum commodum, atque usum: qui plantis conquirendis, ac indagandis student.

Accessit praeterea ad calcem Opusculum de itinere, quo e Verona in Baldum montem plantarum refertissimum itur. Venetiis: In Officinia Valgrisiana, 1571. First work: an abridgment of the botanical portion of Mattioli's Commentaries without the text of Dioscorides. Second work: One of the earliest local floras, describing the plants on "Monte Baldo" in Verona Italy, much visited by naturalists at the time is missing in our copy. Includes 921 woodcuts. References: Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 105. Defective copy. Final 14 p. (3M5-3N4) wanting. Title page damaged, partly illegible.

For each of the plants in this work, Mattioli gives its name in a variety of languages, followed by the genus when known, the form of the plant, the locations where it is found, its qualities, its powers, and any cautions.  Each plant also has an illustration.  The marginal notes give the sources for the information provided.  The work has a complete index of Latin plant names.

Subjects: Botany; Medicine.


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