Markham, Gervase


The English House-Wife: Containing the Inward and Outward Vertues Which Ought to be in a Compleat Woman: As Her Skill in Physick, Surgery, Cookery. . .and All Other Things Belonging to an Household.

A work generally approved, and now the fifth time much augmented, purged, and made most profitable and necessary for all men, and the generall good of this kingdome (as printed). London: Printed by B. Alsop for John Harison, 1649. References: Wing 629. Leaf A1 wanting.

This 1600's book of instructions for the housewife contains information about homemade medicines, cookery, "ordering feasts," skill in wines, hemp and dairy-works as well as fifty pages on skills in malts and brewing.  Markham divides his work into several sections, and he has printed marginal notes throughout to guide his reader.  The work is very practical and clear in its information.  Optional treatments and information is presented, leaving the reader to decide which will work best.

Subjects: Home economics; Medicine--popular; Cookery--England.


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