Locke, John


Outlines of Botany: Taken Chiefly from Smith's Introduction: Containing an Explanation of Botanical Terms and an Illustration of the System of Linnaeus: Also Some Account of Natural Orders and the Anatomy and Physiology of Vegetables.

Illustrated by engravings for the use of schools and students. Boston: Published by Cummings and Hilliard for the author, 1819. Plates numbered 1-14, 15a, 15b, 16. References: Shaw & Shoemaker 48506. Includes index.

Locke has written and illustrated an early botany textbook, explaining plant terminology and classification.  The author says that purpose of his work "has not been to bring forward any thing new in elementary botany, or to alter what has been before established; but merely to collect and arrange the most important 'outlines' of the subject in a concise form, and illustrate them
by examples of native plants, affording a volume of a moderate price for the use of schools and students."  Locke begins with an introduction which gives definitions of the basic terms.  He then discusses in succeeding chapters, roots, herbage, and frutification .  Then Locke discusses the classification, anatomy, and physiology.  The work ends with a brief description of the various instruments used by a botanist as well as an explanation of an herbarium.  Then Locke has a section of questions for the student, followed by 16 plates with explanations.

Subjects: Botany.


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