Lawson, William

fl. 1618.

A New Orchard and Garden, or, The Best Way for Planting, Grafting, and to Make Any Ground Good, For a Rich Orchard, Particularly in the North. . .; with The Country Housewifes Garden for Herbes of Common Use. . .as also the Husbandry of Bees.

Now the second time corrected and much enlarged. Whereunto is newly added The Art of Propagating Plants. . . by Simon Harward. London: Printed by I. H. for Roger Jackson, 1623. Pt. 2 has separate t.p.: The Country Housewifes Garden: Containing Rules for Herbes and Seeds of Common Use. . .:Together with the Husbandry of Bees. . .: As also Divers New Knots for Gardens. . .. London: Printed for Roger Jackson, 1623. Pt. 3 has caption title: A Most Profitable New Treatise from Approved Experience of the Art of Propagating Plants by Simon Harward. Pt. 4 has caption title: The Husband-Mans Fruitful Orchard: For the True Ordering of All Sorts of Fruits in Their Due Seasons. . . First ed. to include all 4 parts--Cf. Hunt 209. Printer's name from STC 15330. Each part has separate paging. References: STC 15330. Ms. notes in margins of pt. 3.

This is the second edition of the first published work on gardening in the north of England. The second part, The Country Housewife's Garden, was one of the first books for women gardeners.  The author notes that since he has had success furnishing "this my Northerne Orchard and Countrey Garden with needfull plants and usefull herbes," he wants to impart this knowledge to others.  The first part of the book is designed to give the "best, surest, and readiest way to make a good Orchard and Garden."  In this section the author covers the choosing of a site, soil preparation, layout, fence design, tree planting, grafting, etc.  Many of these same topics are covered in the second part of the book, the Country Housewifes Garden, but the emphasis is on herbs and a kitchen garden. This part also includes information on the husbandry of bees.  The fourth part of this work deals with the art of propagating plants, and it even has its own index.  The final section covers the fruit orchard and deals with the "true ordering of all sorts of fruits in their due season; and how couble increase commeth by care in gathering yeere after yeere."

Subjects: Orchards; Gardening; Knot gardens; Plant propagation.


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