Hill, Thomas

b. ca. 1528.

The Profitable Arte of Gardening Now the Thirde Time Set Forth: To Which is Added Much Necessarie Matter, and a Number of Secretes, with the Physicke Helpes Belonging to Eche Herbe, and that Easly Prepared; to This is Annexed Two Proper Treatises, the One Entituled, The Marvellous Government, Propertie, and Benefite of the Bees . . .and the Other, the Yearely Conjectures, Mete for Husbandmen to Know.

Whereunto is newly added a treatise of the arte of graffing and planting of trees. London: Imprinted at London by Henrie Bynneman, anno 1574. The treatise on bees has separate t.p. 3rd enl. ed., 2nd to include the Arte of Graffing and Planting--Cf. Hunt 117. A much enlarged version of the author's A Most Briefe and Pleasaunte Treatise, Teachyng How to Dresse, Sowe, and Set a Garden (ca. 1557- 1559), the first book on gardening printed in England--Cf. Hunt 102. References: Hunt 117; STC13493.

This work is divided into two books, with the first dealing with the making and tending of the garden and the second with the sewing, setting, and caring for specific herbs, flowers, and vegetables.  These two books are followed by three treatises.  The first discusses bees, including the gathering of honey and its many uses; the second treats the changes in weather, especially the extremes, as well as rules for the preservation of health.  The last treatise included in this work deals with  the art of planting and grafting fruit trees, so that they will bear more fruit of differing varieties.

Subjects: Gardening; Botany; Medicine; Bee culture; Weather, folklore.


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