Heresbach, Conrad


The Whole Art and Trade of Husbandry, Contained in Foure Bookes.

Enlarged by Barnaby Googe. London: Printed by T. S. for Richard More, 1614. Written in dialogue form. Translation of: Rei rusticae libri quatuor. First published in 1577, under title: Foure Bookes of Husbandry. Printed by Thomas Snodham--Cf. Hunt 198. Errors in foliation: 12, 37-38, 48-49, 61, 88, 175, 179 numbered 11, 27, 39, 50-51, 60, 81, 174, 159 respectively. References: STC 13201; Hunt 198. "The names of such authours, and husbands, whose authorities and observations are used in this booke": last prelim. leaf. "Olde English rules, for purchasing land": verso of last leaf. Contents (from t.p.): I. Of earable-ground, tillage, and pasture; II. Of gardens, orchards, and woods; III. Of feeding, breeding and curing of all manner of cattell; IIII. Of poultrie, fowle, fish, and bees. Lacks final blank leaf.

This is an early book on agriculture with information on tilling the land, tending gardens and orchards, feeding and breeding "cattell," and information about "poultrie, fowle, fish and bees."  The author provides an alphabetical table listing all of the subjects covered as well as a listing of all the sources he has used.  Each of the four books is written in the form of a conversation between Cono, Rigo, Metella, and Hermes.  The second book about Gardens, Orchards, and Woods details a conversation between Thrasybulus, Marius, and Julia.  Hipoconus, Euphorbus, Hedio, and Eumaeus art the participants in the third book's conversation on Feeding, Breeding, and Curing of Cattell.  Finally, Pullarius, Mellisseus, Chenoboscus, and Piscinarius discuss Poultrie, Fowle, Fish, and Bees in the fourth book.  This authorial technique is quite effective.  Marginal notes are also available to enable the reader to access the information more easily.  The work concludes with a listing of the Old English Rules for Purchasing Land.

Subjects: Agriculture.


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