Die Giftpflanzen des Elsasses.

Durch einen hiesigen Lehrer-Verein zum Druck befordert. Strassburg: Gedruckt bey F. G. Levrault, 1825. Letter signed G. Miesse pasted inside front cover. 17 of the 37 plates hand-colored. Manuscript notes on verso of plates 12 and 13.

This small book contains 37 plates, some hand colored, and descriptions of poisonous plants of Alsace, France. The author, after an introductory preface and an index to the thirty-seven plants discussed, gives a detailed written description of each of the plants, including the Latin name, a detailed physical description of the plant, as well as the symptoms which the plant will produce. These detailed descriptions are then followed by a plate for each of the plants. Plates 13 and 14 have hand-written notes opposite them giving the plant names in a variety of languages. Plate 13 also has a pressed flower opposite it.

Subjects: Poisonous plants--France.


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