The Florist's Journal


London: How and Parsons, 1840 - 1845.

Issued monthly beginning May 1840; issues also sold bound into annual volumes. Reissued in 1846 as: British Florist, or Lady's Journal of Horticulture. Patten collection has 1841 annual volume. Continued by: Florist's Journal and Gardener's Record. (1841 2d vol of journal only).

This work contains beautiful hand colored plates. The purpose of this journal, according to the preface to this particular annual volume, is to “advance equally the art of floriculture and the science of plants.” The contributors have adopted an “unprecedent” style of writing. “Instead of confining themselves to composts, manures, and empirical modes of treatment, they have, without neglecting these practical matters, brought philosophy to bear upon the subject.” Each issue includes articles on floriculture as well as the weather for the previous month and calendar of what to do for the current month. Some issues also have question and answer sections. The volume concludes with a complete index to the plants, authors, and topics discussed.

Subjects: Flower gardening--Periodicals.


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