Fessenden, Thomas Green


The New American Gardener: Containing Practical Directions on the Culture of Fruits and Vegetables: Including Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Grape-Vines, Silk, Strawberries, &c. &c..

5th ed. Boston: Carter, Hendee, and Babcock: John B. Russell; New York: Sold by G. Thorburn and son, 1831. Advertisement on p. [2]-[28] at end. Includes index. First published 1828--Cf. Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 932.

This was one of the most popular gardening books of the early 1800's and went through several editions. The work begins with an alphabetical listing of fruits and vegetables. Each entry gives complete instructions for the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of the individual fruit or vegetable. Herbs are included as well. All ornamental flowers appear in one entry for flowers, ornamental, but there are individual discussions for each, also done alphabetically. There is a similar section for fruits. Other related topics, such as greenhouses and insects, are similarly included in the alphabetical listing. The work also has a calendarial index, the object of which is "to give brief intimations of work to be performed in a garden, together with some approximation to the time of year in which it should be accomplished." The work concludes with a general index, a seed catalogue, and various advertisements.

Subjects: Gardening.


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