Liber Aggregationis. French.

Les Admirables Secrets d'Albert, le Grand: Contenant Plusieurs Traites sur la Conception des Femmes, des Vertus des Herbes, des Pierres Precieuses, & des Animaux: Augmentes d'un Abrege Curieux de la Physionomie, & d'un Preservatif Contre la Peste, les Fievres Malignes, les Poisons & l'Infection de l'Air.

Tires & traduits sur des anciens manuscrits de l'auteur, qui n'avoient pas encore paru, ce qu'on verra plus amplement dans la table, & ce qui aura ete ajoute dans cette derniere edition; divises en quatre livres. --A Lyon: Chez les heritiers de Beringos Fratres, 1791. Traditionally but wrongly attributed to Albertus Magnus; also attributed to Albertus de Saxonia. References: BN, v. 1-2, p. 500. Last plate tipped in at p. 208 rather than at p. 211 as marked. Pg. 289-290 missing; p. [21] creased in printing, lower third of text affected; p. 175 torn, lower half of text affected.

This work is an astrological book containing information on conception, the virtue of herbs, prevention of plague, bad fevers, and infection of the air.

The second book deals with various animals, detailing their past histories and how they were named and understood by ancient cultures such as the Chaldeans, Egyptians, and Greeks. This book also includes a table of the stars and planets. The third book describes the uses for various parts of animals, primarily the excrement, for the treatment of tumors, diseases, and various conditions. The fourth book deals with human physiognomy and its relation to character traits. For instance, small slender ears mark a man of good spirit, wise judgement, mysterious, peaceful, prudent, timid, thrifty, modest, vain, impetuous, of happy memories, and tolerably helpful. Throughout these volumes, the author refers to such sources as Aristotle, Galen, Discordes, Isidore, and others.

Subjects: Medieval medicine; Medicine, Magic, Mystic, and Spagiric.


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