Cogan, Thomas


The Haven of Health: Chiefly made for the Comfort of Students, and Consequently for All Those that have a Care of Their Health, Amplified Upon Five Wordes of Hippocrates. . . Labour, Meate, Drinke, Sleepe, Venus.

Hereunto is added a preservation from the pestilence with a short censure of the late sicknesse at Oxford. And now of late corrected and augmented. London: Imprinted at London by Richard Field for Bonham Norton, 1596. Page 273 ff misnumbered p. 272 ff. References: S.T.C. 5481.

Cogan has written an early health and nutrition book that also discusses the recent plague at Oxford. It encourages "labour" or exercise of both the body and the mind for good health. Cogan discusses the merits of various foods and beverages, giving their histories when known, as well as their medicinal properties. The author includes recipes for ales and other drinks. He also has a section on the importance of sleep, including why night is a better time to sleep than daytime and what kind of bed and sleep position are best. Issues of love and lust are also covered, to complete the author's discussion of the factors influencing good health.

Subjects: Hygiene; Nutrition; Plague.


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