Munting, Abraham


Naauwkeurige Beschryving der Aardgewassen: Waar in de Veelerley Aart en Bijzondere Eigenschappen der Boomen, Heesters, Kruyden, Bloemen. . ..

Te Leyden: By Pieter vander As; T'Utrecht: By Francois Halma, 1696. Third edition, enlarged, of: Waare Oeffening der Planten. Title page in red and black; head and tail pieces, initial letters. Added title page, engraved, wanting. References: Hunt 396. ASU has part 1 ([36] p., 640 columns, plates 1-180).

Abraham Munting was a learned Dutch botanist and a doctor of medicine. His first book, Waare Oeffening der Planten, 1672, was published in Amsterdam and had 40 plates. Another edition was issued in 1682. This third edition, retitled and enlarged to include 245 plates, appeared in 1696. Some copies were hand colored. The 1702 reprint was issued with the title Phytographia curiosa and contained the 245 plates of this edition with a condensed text in Latin.  Printed margin notes guide the reader throughout the work.  The printed margin notes guide the reader and also contain references to other sources such as Dioscorides.  Munting includes astrological information about the daily and hourl influences of the planets in order to insure the observation of the correct conditions for planting.  There are two indexes, one by Latin name and one by vernacular name.

Subjects: Botany--Pre-Linnean works.


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