Mattioli, Pietro Andrea


[Commentarii in libros sex Pedacii Dioscorides. . .de materia medica. Latin]

Petri Andreae Matthioli. . .Commentarii in libros sex Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbei De medica materia.

Adjectis quam plurimis plantarum & animalium imaginibus, eodem authore. . . Venetiis: In Officina Erasmiana, apud Vincentium Valgrisium, 1554. Includes Mattioli's translation of Dioscorides, largely based on that of Jean Ruel. The sixth book is the De venenis and De venenatis animalibus, in some versions called books 6- 9. First Latin ed.--Cf. Pritzel no. 5985. Colophon: Venetiis, in officina Erasmiana, Vincentii Valgrisii, Mense Janvario, M.D.L IIII. References: Pritzel, 5985. Some underlining and ms. annotations throughout.

This is the first Latin edition of an important work. Mattioli was the son of a Sienese doctor who moved to Venice to practice.  Mattioli was originally intended for a career in law, but chose to follow his father into medicine instead.  Mattioli's commentary greatly increased the size of Dioscorides original work.  In fact, his commentary on Dioscorides' brief forward runs to some fourteen thousand words in a single paragraph.  See PAT-136 for further notes.

Subjects: Botany; Medicine; Medicinal plants.


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