Hunger, Freidrich Wilhelm Tobias

b. 1874

Charles de l'Escluse (Carolus Clusius) Nederlandsch Kruidkundige, 1526-1609.

Door dr. F. W. T. Hunger. 's-Gravenhage, M. Nijhoff, 1927-43. 2 v. "Brieven van en aan Car. Clusius, die reeds in druk zijn verschenen:" v. 1, p. [xix]-xxiii. "Chronologisch overzicht van Clusius' eigen werken en zijn vertalingen:" v. 1, p. [369]-382. "Cartographisch werk van Carolus Clusius:" v. 1, p. [384].

This work is a contemporary biography of l'Escluse.  This two volume work gives a very detailed biography of Clusius, and includes facsimiles of some of Clusius's works, chronologies of his writings, and letters written by and to him.  There are also pictures of Clusius as well as copies of some of his illustrations.

Subjects: Carolus Clusius.


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