Hale, Thomas, Esq

Eden, or, A Compleat Body of Gardening: Containing Plain and Familiar Directions for the Raising the Several Useful Products of a Garden, Fruits, Roots, and Herbage: From the Practice of the Most Successful Gardeners, and the Result of Long Experience. . ..

Compiled digested from the papers of the late celebrated Mr. Hale, by the authors of the Compleat Body of Husbandry. London: Printed for T. Osborne, T. Trye, S. Crowder and Co., and H. Woodgate, 1757. Gardener's calendar format, divided into weeks. --Cf. Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 442. Published in 60 numbers between Aug. 28, 1756 and Nov. 8, 1757. References: Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 442; Hunt 559. Includes index. Second leaf of Preface wanting.

Now thought to be the work of John Hill, who signed the dedication (see PAT-54, PAT-55, and PAT-126), it is a gardener's calendar telling what should be done in the garden for each month from October 1756 to November 1757. The author has no hesitation about writing his book even though there are a number of existing works on the same subject "because he sees the Imperfections and the Errors which abound in all.  Some of those Pieces have been compiled by Persons who had neither Judgment nor practical Knowledge; others by such as were acquainted but with some one Part, and deficient in all the rest; and the very best of them (how often soever new dress'd and alter'd to the Time) are really antiquated, and deficient in the modern great Improvements."  The author intends that his work will instruct both the Gentleman and the Mechanic together; to establish the one as the Head to plan and to conduct, and accomplish the other as the Hand to execute."    This is a very complete book on gardening, covering all the areas the author promised, including 60 plates.  Printed margin notes refer the reader to the appropriate plates.

Subjects: Gardening.


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