Evelyn, John


Silva, or, A Discourse of Forest-Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions: As it was Deliver'd in the Royal Society the XVth of October, 1652. . .: Together with an Historical Account of the Sacredness and Use of Standing Groves; Terra: A Philosophical Essay of Earth: Being a Lecture in Course; to which is annexed Pomona or, An Appendix Concerning Fruit-Trees, in Relation to Cyder. . .; also Acetaria, or, A Discourse of Sallets; With Kalendarium Hortense, or The Gardners Almanack: Directing What He is to do Monthly Throughout the Year.

All which several treatises are in this fourth edition much inlarg'd and improv'd by the author John Evelyn. London: Printed for Robert Scott, Richard Chiswell, George Sawbridge, and Benj. Tooke, 1706. Terra, 3rd ed.; Pomona, 4th ed.; Acetaria, 2nd ed.; Kalendarium Hortense, 10th ed. Each with separated title-page, dated 1706. Ms. annotations throughout in an unknown hand. First ed., 1664.

This main work in this volume, the Discourse on Forest-Trees, was written as a protest against the destruction of trees in England by glass factories and iron furnaces. It succeeded in inducing land-owners to start reforestation  programs.  Also included in this work are Evelyn's treatise on earth, "relating to the Culture and Improvement of it for Vegetation, and the Propagation of Plants, &c.;" an appendix concerning Fruit-trees, "in relation to Dider, the Making, and several ways of Ordering it;" a discourse on Sallets, which "in general consist of certain Esculent Plants and Herbs, Improv'd by Culture, Industry, and Art, of the Gard'ner;" and a Gard'ner's Almanac, "directing what he is to do Monthly throughout the Year; and what Fruits and Flowers Are in Prime."  John Evelyn is most famous for his Diary.

Subjects: Forests; Forestry; Trees; Gardening.


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