Durante, Castore


[Stirpium historiae pemptades sex]

Herbario nuovo.

Con figure che rappresentano le vive piante, che nasconon in tutta Europa, & nell'Indie orientali, & occidentali; con versi latini che comprendono le facolta, de i semplici medicamenti da i quali si insegna il modo di cavar l'acque, & farne vini medicinali, & molti antidoti salutiferi; con discorsi che dimostrano i nomi, le spetie, la forma, il loco, il tempo, le qualita, & le virtu mirabili dell'herbe. In Roma: Per Jacomo Bericchia, & Jacomo Tornierii, 1585. Woodcuts designed by Isabella Parasole and cut by Loenardo Norsino--Cf. S. H. Johnston. Cleveland coll. 150. First edition. Two different title pages have been documented; one as above, the other with printers Bonfadino and Diani in imprint position --Cf. Hunt 151. Colophon: In Roma, nella stamperia di Bartholomeo Bonfadino, & Tito Diani. MDLXXXV. Pages misnumbered 1-108, 119-286, 289-492. References: Hunt 151.

This popular Italian herbal was printed in Italian and translated in many languages for several years.  Its illustrations are adapted primarily from Fuchs and Mattioli, and often incorporate a bit of landscape, with men or animals in the background.  The Duranta genus is named for the author, who was physician to Pope Sixtus V.  Durante was also know as a poet and something of a botanist.  This work, representing the author's life's studies, presents all of the known medicinal plants of Europe and the East and West Indies, arranged alphabetically.  Durante imitated the medieval style of Macer Floridus,and many of the simples he mentions are headed by a Latin verse similar to what Macer used in describing the medicinal value of plants.  After the verse, Durante gives the plant names in a variety of languages, followed by information on the time of flowering or ripening, as well as medicinal properties and uses.  The work is divided into nearly a thousand chapters, each with a small woodcut accompanying the text.  The work also includes not only an index, but also a list of errors in illustrations.   PAT-116 represents another edition of this work.

Subjects: : Botany--Pre-Linnean works; Medicine.


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