Clusius, Carolus


Caroli Clusii Atrebatis. . . Exoticorum libri decem: quibus animalium, plantarum, aromatum, aliorumque peregrinorum fructuum historiae describuntur.

Item, Petri Bellonii Observationes. eodem Carolo Clusio interprete. Leiden: Ex Officina Plantiana Raphelengii, 1605. "Series totius operis post praefationem indicabitut."

First ed. of the second volume of the author's collected works, the first volume being Rariorum plantarum historia (Anvers, 1601) (PAT-108)--Cf. Hunt 182.

This volume consists of Books 7-10 of the Exoticorum including Clusius' abridgements and translations of works by da Orta, Acosta, and Monardes.  See PAT-108 for the first volume of this work.  Volume two also includes Clusius' translations of Monardes' Libri tres and the Altera appendix ad rariorum plantarum historia.  In this work Clusius continues his discussion of plants, but also has descriptions as well as illustrations of various birds, animals, and reptiles.  There is an index of all items covered, followed by Clusius's translation of Monardes' three medical tracts: "On the Bezoar Stone and the Herb Scorzonera (Viper-grass)," "The Dialogue on Iron," and "Of the Snow and the Virtues Thereof."  There are numerous printed margin notes which guide the reader and serve as finding aids.  References: Hunt 182; Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 151.

Subjects: Botany--Pre-Linnean works; Zoology.


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