Chabrey, Dominique


Stirpium icones et sciagraphia: cum scriptorum circa eas consensu et dissensu, ac caeteris plaerisque omnibus quae de plantarum natura. . .usu & virtutibus, scitu necessaria. . .

Genevae: Typis Phil. Gamoneti & Iac. de la Pierre, 1666. First ed.--Cf. Hunt 304. References: Hunt 304; Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 240. Includes indexes in Latin, French, German, and Italian. Bound in vellum overboards; mottled edges. First ed.

Chambrey is best remembered for his efforts to complete and publish posthumously Bauhin and Cherler's Historia Plantarum Universalis (PAT-104), an abridgment of Bauhin's book.  Chabrey's own work contains illustrations and short descriptions for each of the plants covered.  Where available, plant names are given not only in Latin, but also in other languages such as German, French, and Belgium.  This work includes an appendix with added materials from each of the classes discussed in the main body of the text.  The appendix does not have as many illustrations.

Subjects: Botany--Pre-Linnean works; Botany, classification.


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