Bauhin, Johann


Historia plantarum universalis: nova, et absolutissima, cum consensu et dissensu circa eas.

Auctoribus Ioh. Bauhino et Ioh. Henr. Cherlero; quam recensuit et auxit Dominicvs Chabraevs; Iuris vero publici fecit Franciscus Lud. Graffenried. 3 v. Ebroduni [Yverdon, Switzerland: s.n.], 1650-1651. References: Hunt 251; Johnston, S. H. Cleveland coll. 212. First ed., second issue.

Second issue has index. Johann Bauhin was the son of a French physician, Johann Bauhin the Elder, a native of Amiens. Bauhin the Elder retreated to Switzerland to escape religious persecution; both his sons were born there. Johann became acquainted with the foremost botanists of his day, studying botany at Basle under Leonhart Fuchs, and accompanying Konrad Gesner on a trip through the Alps. His work on the Historia was such an ambitious undertaking that he did not live to see it finished. It fell to his son-in-law, Jean-Henri Cherler, who worked with Bauhin for many years on this work, to see that it was published. It was edited by Chabrey and contained clear, detailed and accurate descriptions of 5,000 plants, including their ecology. An earlier, abridged edition of this work was produced in 1619, but this three volume set constitutes the complete work.

Subjects: Botany--Pre-Linnean works.


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