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Chemical Engineering

Where to find:


In general, chemical engineering books are on the 3rd floor of Noble Science and Engineering Library in the TP call number area; however, some important reference books are kept in the Science Reference Collection on the first floor. NOTE: Some books that are of interest to chemical engineers may be placed in other call numbers.

To find chemical engineering books in Noble Library use the ASU Online Catalog.

  • To find a specific book, use the TITLE or AUTHOR search.

  • To find books about chemical engineering, use the KEYWORD search.


Dictionaries provide definitions of terms or phrases used within a specific discipline. Definitions of words and terms used in chemical engineering may be found in some of these recommended dictionaries:
  1. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology
    TP155.7 .C664 Science Reference
    Includes named processes in current commercial use and obsolete processes of importance in the past.

  2. See also General Chemistry: Dictionaries

Handbooks and Data Compilations

Handbooks and data compilations collect numerical data from many sources under one cover or database.

Available handbooks and data compilations for chemical engineering include:

  1. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
    QD65 .H3 Science Reference
    The standard reference source for basic chemical, physical, thermodynamic and other properties. Includes both inorganic and organic compounds plus some materials.

  2. Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook
    TP151 .P45 1997 Science Reserve
    The standard reference source for chemical engineering processes, equipment and materials. Includes some property data.

  3. Faith, Keyes and Clark's Industrial Chemicals. 4th ed.
    TP200 .F3 1975 Science Reference
    A classic reference work. Too outdated to use for economic and regulatory information but still useful for the production methods for the major chemicals.

  4. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers
    TP151 .R85 1998 Science Reference
    The subtitle says it all "A manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems".

  5. See also:

Journals and Journal Articles

Chemical Engineering journals are primarily located in the call number area of TP.
  • Current issues are kept in the Current Periodicals Room on the south side of the first floor.

  • Older volumes are kept on the east side of the floor.

  • Volumes kept in microfilm/fiche are kept on the first floor in the northeast corner.

  • Some older volumes are kept in storage; request these items from either the Noble Library Circulation Desk or the Noble Library Information Desk.

  • For online availability, search for the journal title on the Journal Title Lookup page.

To find journal articles about chemical engineering, use one or more of the following journal indexes:

  1. EI: Compendex (1970-)
    T1 .E52x Science Reference (1892-1969)

  2. SciFinder Scholar/Chemical Abstracts (1907-)

  3. Web of Science/Science Citation Index (1955-)

Meta-Web Sites

In addition to the internet resources listing elsewhere on this page, the following meta-web sites provide extensive links to internet sources of chemical engineering information:
  1. ChemIndustry.com
    Approximately 70,000 links to chemical manufacturers, equipment, software, industry services, resources, organizations, academic institutes and events.

  2. About.com: Chemical Engineering
    Links to over 700 sites in all areas of chemical engineering. Includes sections for beginners and job hunters.

Overviews and Histories

Encyclopedias are a good source of overviews and histories and are a good place to find a quick introduction to a topic or method. Recommended resources:
  1. Chemical Engineering Timeline

  2. Chemical Engineering, Science and Technology Timeline

  3. Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design
    QD71.2 .E53 1995 Science Reference

  4. Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (Kirk-Othmer)
    TP9 .E685 Science Reference
    Also known as the "Kirk-Othmer", this encyclopedia contains in-depth overviews of both compounds and topics. Articles are usually 20 or more pages in length and contain extensive bibliographies. Compounds are grouped in classes. Contains information on the history, preparation or manufacture, and uses. Produced in the U.S.

  5. Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (Ullmann's)
    TP9 .U57 Science Reference
    Similiar in scope and purpose to the Kirk-Othmer (listed directly above) this encyclopedia is produced in Europe.

  6. Encyclopedia of Material Science and Engineering
    TA402 .E53 1986 Science Reference
    Includes over 1500 articles that cover the description, usage and the behavior/properties of materials.

  7. Encyclopedia of Polymer Science
    TP1087 .E46 1985 Science Reference

  8. History of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology

  9. Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry
    TP145 .R54 1992 Science Reference
    A one-volume work that is a concise resource for information on the major materials produced by the chemical industry. Each chapter talks about the history/discovery of the material and the production process. Some chapters include property data. Too outdated for the economic data to be useful.

  10. Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology
    TP368.2 .E62 2000 Science Reference
    Covers food production, preservation techniques, packaging, storage, transportation, marketing and safety issues.

Last updated July 9, 2002


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