Mission to Arizona, 1916-1940: Father Augustine Schwarz, O.F.M.

Mission to Pimería: St. Johns Mission, Komatke, "Blue Hazy Mountain"

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It appears that one of the first things Father Augustine did when he arrived at St. John’s Mission in 1916, was to photograph the new environment from his window. Here are the Estrella Mountains some four miles to the west, in 1916 and 2002.

LAB MSS-153/9:40

LAB FILM S104:84

Toward the southeast, he observed South Mountain,12 miles distant, and took note of the houses which were constructed with arroweed interlaced on mesquite or saguaro posts and covered with mud.   photograph
LAB MSS-153/9:39

LAB MSS-153/9:44
  He took his photos from his quarters in the “O.F.M. Convent,” which has since been torn down.

LAB MSS-153/9:38
  Father Augustine found a well-established mission with close to 500 students in the boarding school when he arrived at St. John’s. Two adobe buildings shown in his 1916 photograph with South Mountain as a backdrop, stand in 2002: the present St. John’s Church (1903 and second from the right); and an earlier chapel in the center, which was built in 1900.

At one time, the latter chapel had four adjoining rooms, where the sisters taught school. It later became the Indian Room, where student crafts were sold.

LAB FILM S104:76
LAB FILM S104:72

LAB MSS-153/8:34
Necklace makers Isabel Maxima, Mary Giff and Isabel ?

LAB MSS-153/37:179
Student Art - Beaded necklace

St. John's Continued

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