Mission to Arizona, 1916-1940: Father Augustine Schwarz, O.F.M.

Mission to Papaguería: St. Anthony's, Supai Oidak

LAB MSS-153/19:96

Writing to The Indian Sentinel in March 1940, the Rev. Marcian Bucher, O.F.M., wanted very much to have a "larger and better built church" in the village of Supai Oidak, some 20 miles south of the town of Sells. His dream was realized some time in the early 1940s when the villagers made the adobes and provided the labor for the construction of St. Anthony's Church. The altar and interior are simply furnished, and appears to match James Griffith's 1973 description.

LAB FILM S104:141

With the exception of a new coat of paint, the building is little changed when compared with photographs from earlier days. Griffith tells us that St. Anthony's was built with an extra wide door to allow funeral processions to enter with ease. The little church faces the sacred Baboquivari, a dominant view in the east.

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