The George H.N. Luhrs Family in Phoenix and Arizona, 1847-1984

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G E O. H. N. L U H R S

Do you remember when the town was young,
The kindly, honest, busy little man
Who every moment of his life long span
Helped build the place whence his success was wrung?
Whose nimble hands first set the wagon's tongue
Toward mines that fed his mule train's caravan;
Whose friendly heart more won the stranger
His beg and board and beer straight from the bung?

To him the vision of the man who knows
He serves his city best who serves its need,
And builds in beauty when his service shows
The artist's dream in common daily needs.

There stands his Tower! A monument to one
Whose mule corral once blistered in the sun.

From The Sonnets of the Past
by Sharlot Hall, with permission
of Sharlot Hall Museum.