The George H.N. Luhrs Family in Phoenix and Arizona, 1847-1984

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A Person by Any Other Name........

Geo. H. N. Luhrs: generally signed his name Geo. H. N. Luhrs even on most official documents; he signed Geo. H.N. Luhrs on his voter registration. However, he signed Georg Henry Nicholas Luhrs, without the final "e", on his naturalization papers. When writing to his wife early in their marriage, he mostly signed "Georg". Later, usually he signed "Geo.". His children called him "Papa" or "Father".

His second son, George Luhrs, Jr., was named after him, as was his grandson, George Luhrs Stroud.

Catharina Margarita Luhrs: was called "Gretchen or "Tanta Gretchen" by family members. Her children called her "Mother". On a few of her legal papers she signed her name Catharina Margaret Luhrs, or just Catharina M. Luhrs; on most other legal papers she signed Margaret C. Luhrs. She signed "Margaret C. Luhrs" on her voter registration and was called "Margaret Luhrs" in the Masonic Lodges. The cornerstone of the Luhrs Building is inscribed "Margaret C. Luhrs". She was known in Phoenix as "Margaret Luhrs", but was spoken to as "Mrs. Luhrs". She had no preference between Margaret and Catharina, but her husband much preferred Margaret. Because she was so much loved, in her later years, some of her Eastern Star sisters called her "Mother Luhrs."

Her two granddaughters, Margaret Mary Taylor, (daughter of Ella Luhrs Taylor), who died at birth, and Jean Margaret Stroud, (daughter of Emma Luhrs Stroud), were named after Catharina Margarita Luhrs.

Her great granddaughters, Margaret Suzanne Luhrs (daughter of Allen Luhrs), Catharina Luhrs Stroud (daughter of Luhrs Stroud), and Gretchen Simm Crane, (daughter of Jean Stroud Crane), were named after her.

Arthur Cleveland Luhrs (son of Geo. H. N. and Catharina Margarita): was named for the outgoing and incoming presidents the year he was born. His son, Arthur Allen Luhrs, was named for him. His grandson, Arthur Cleveland Luhrs II, also was named for him.

Ella Louise Henrietta Luhrs Taylor (daughter of Geo. H. N. and Catharina Margarita): originally was named Louise Henrietta Luhrs after her two grandmothers. When Catharina Margarita took her infant daughter and young son to Germany to visit her family, "Ella" was added to Louise Henrietta at her christening because Catharina Margarita's mother, Louise Dodenhof, didn't like the name Louise, but did like the name Ella.

Emma Johanna Sophia Luhrs Stroud, (daughter of Geo. H. N. and Catharina): was named after Gretchen's good friend Emma Dummel, (Mrs. Fredrick), sister of Anna Barbara Thalheimer (Mrs. Joseph). Johanna came from Geo. H. N.'s sister Johanna Kahrs. The Sophia came from another beloved relative.

George Luhrs Jr., George H. N. Luhrs, Jr. (son of Geo. H. N. and Catharina Margarita): usually signed his name "George Luhrs, Jr.",