The George H.N. Luhrs Family in Phoenix and Arizona, 1847-1984

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George H. N. Luhrs, Jr. Page ii Wedding picture of Geo. H. N. and Catharina Margarita "Gretchen" Luhrs. facing page 1

Geo. H. N. Luhrs, age twenty years, 1867, Family home, Wagon-making shop, Commercial Corral and Livery Stable, Commercial Hotel lobby, 1889, Early Phoenix from the porch of the Commercial Hotel, circa 1890, Commercial Hotel, 1887, Commercial Hotel, 1888, Commercial Hotel Bar, circa 1890, Commercial Hotel, 1888, tallest and largest building in Phoenix, Hotel Luhrs, 1976. between pages 49 and 50

Military documents, 1918, George H. N. Luhrs, Jr., appointment as Second Lieutenant. between pages 109 and 110

Luhrs Building, 1924, Arizona Club, Luhrs Building, Luhrs Building lobby, 1924. between pages 141 and 142

Breaking ground for the Luhrs Tower, 1929, Luhrs Tower, 1933, Entrance to Luhrs Building, 1953, The Luhrs Arcade, The Luhrs Tower lobby, 1954. between pages 180 and 181

Luhrs Parking Center, 1963. between pages 278 and 279

Across Patriot's Park, view of Luhrs Complex, 1976. between pages 462 and 463

Catharina Margarita "Gretchen" Luhrs, Geo H. N. Luhrs, portraits in oil, The family, Easter Sunday, 1926, Arthur C. Luhrs, George H. N. Luhrs, Jr., Ella Luhrs Taylor and Emma Luhrs Stroud, 1962, Family photos at the "Coast", 1900-1923. between pages 647 and 648