The George H.N. Luhrs Family in Phoenix and Arizona, 1847-1984

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I. Summary of letters written by Geo H.N. Luhrs of Phoenix, Arizona, to his wife Catharina Margarita "Gretchen" Luhrs, while she was visiting her folks in Germany. The letters cover the period May 26, 1887 through August 11th, 1887. They had been married three and one half years.

Letter 1, May 26th, 1887: Geo H.N. Luhrs tells her how he misses her and the children and was pleased to find the letter she had left under the pillow. The two children were Arthur C. Luhrs and Louise Luhrs, whose name was changed while in Germany to Ella Luhrs. She was baptized in Neuhaus a/d Oste, Germany.

Letter 2, June 1, 1887: A nephew, Georg Kahrs was staying with him. It was almost 1:00 AM and his brother Henry had not gotten home. He was out late every night.

Letter 3, June 1, 1887: He tells her how much he misses them, and that he had written a letter to Chicago, which he hoped she would get, but did not. At the time of writing this letter she must be on the SS Hammania.

Letter 4, June 5, 1887: Asked her if she needed money, for it took three weeks each way to get it. The railroad would be coming into Phoenix, July 1st, 1887, so he could meet her in Maricopa when she returned.

Letter 5, June 5, 1887: He tells her to enjoy the trip. He believes her folks can come to Phoenix in three or four years to visit them or stay. He would pay for the transportation.

Letter 6, June 8, 1887: He received her awaited letter and it made him so happy. He went home and read it several times with tears in his eyes. He was glad she was well and he was too. He was sorry she did not receive the letter he mailed to Chicago. Hoped he would get another letter tomorrow, otherwise it would be four weeks, because it would take that long for her to get to Germany and get a letter back to Phoenix.

June 9, 1887: He received no letter and was very sad. He would have to wait four weeks. He would send her $250.00 or 1,000 marks before the fourth of July. On your return have enough food so you will not be hungry as she was going to Germany. When you return to the U.S.A. send him a telegram. It could not cost more than a dollar and a half.

Letter 7, June 10th, 1887: He is well but misses her and the children. The little girl of Gus Ellis died. The son of Mrs.