The George H.N. Luhrs Family in Phoenix and Arizona, 1847-1984

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Georg Heinrich Nicholas Luhrs (Geo H.N. Luhrs) was born in Neuhaus a/d Oste, Germany, March 31st, 1847, the oldest child of Johann Christoph Luhrs, a wheelwright and Sophia Margaret Henriette Wilhelmine Luhrs, nee Dieckmann, a school teacher. Geo H.N. Luhrs' mother died when he was seven years old. He attended the public school and also learned the trade of a wheelwright, as all of his ancestors had done before him. In his youth, it was necessary for him to work standing upon a box.

Georg Heinrich Nicholas Luhrs did not want to serve in the German Army. In 1866, he obtained an emigration pass from the Kingdom of Hanover. The certificate was not good if emigration did not occur by January, 1868, and, if he returned before January, 1875, he had to report immediately for military service. The pass stated he was moving to Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. In the meantime, Prussia had defeated the Kingdom of Hanover, so he was required to get a Royal Prussian Passport for overseas, which he did. The passport stated that the purpose of the trip was to emigrate to America for the period of one year. His receipt for the passport was dated March 27, 1867.

Upon May 7th, 1867. the Men's Exercise Club of Neuhaus a/d Oste, gave him a certificate stating he had been a member in good standing from October 1864 and recommended him to other exercise clubs.

Thus, upon May 15th, 1867, at the age of twenty, he took passage for the United States of America sailing from Hamburg and arriving in Philadelphia after a sixteen day voyage. After his arrival, he was offered a job as a wheelwright in California which he accepted. He agreed to work for the party until his