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Labriola National American Indian Data Center

Labriola Collections



Apache basket weaver





Apache basket weaver shares her good humor with Wayne T. Pratt. San Carlos Reservation, Arizona, 1955. LAB FILM S1:628

The Labriola Center currently holds the papers of Wayne T. Pratt, who served as Assistant Chief of the Branch of Education, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U. S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D. C. The Charles Newton Collection contains letters written between 1901 and 1903 from the Western Navajo Training School at Algert and Tuba City, Arizona. The C. F. Shaffer Collection contains a guest book, two photograph albums, and a scrapbook . The materials date from 1937-1941 and pertain to the Shaffers' time as school teachers on the Havasupai Reservation in Supai, Arizona and subsequently at Dennehotso School in Arizona.

Peterson Zah, former President of the Navajo Nation, donated his papers to the Labriola Center in 1999. The collection contains professional papers and correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs, audiovisual material, and artifacts. The bulk of the material dates from 1982 to 1990 and consists of papers from Zah's time campaigning for and acting as Chairman and later President of the Navajo Nation. The Charlotte H. Miller Navajo Collection contains correspondence, ephemera and photographs. The material dates from 1946-1953 and pertains to Charlotte Miller's time serving the Red Cross Disaster Relief during the 1948 drought and the 1949-50 bilizzard on the Navajo Nation.

The Center also holds microfilm editions of Native Americans and the New Deal: The Office Files of John Collier, 1933-1945, which cover his career as Commissioner of Indian Affairs; papers of the Indian Rights Association (1885-1901), formed to secure for Native Americans their political and civil rights; and the Papers of the Society of American Indians, 1906-1946, which record the accomplishments of the nation's first modern Pan-Indian reform group. The Center also collects records from the National Archives that support its educational mission.

Media Materials

The Center collects audio and video tapes, filmstrips, and motion pictures. Included are teaching aids, language instruction, music, lectures on Indian education and curriculum, sovereignty, development of Indian law, and more.

Photographic Collections


St. Francis of Assisi Mission

LAB MSS-153/7:10 St. Francis of Assisi Mission, Salt River Reservation, AZ: Church

In addition to photographs illustrating small manuscript collections, the Center holds both black-and-white photographs and 35mm color slide presentations with accompanying audio tapes. Numerous subjects are represented and include material about food, culture, environment, clothing, religion, social life and customs. Included is the Father Augustine Schwarz Photograph Collection that contains 163 photographs, the majority of which were taken between 1916 and 1926 and documented Franciscan chapels, missions and religious activities at numerous Indian villages in Arizona.

Ephemeral Materials

The collection includes pamphlets, reports, newsletters, bibliographies, broadsides, brochures, small manuscripts, photographs, and curriculum materials dealing with all aspects of American Indian history and culture from the earliest times to the present. Access to this material is available through the online American Indian Index.

Access to Collections

In addition to ASU Library One Search, Labriola materials are listed in the American Indian Index Database. Other databases of research interest for Native American materials include Uncover and The Bibliography of Native North Americans.

Other research aids available in the Labriola Center and online include a Navajo Bibliography and a list of microform publications.

CD-ROM available in the Labriola Center

George Catlin: The Printed Works, is a tool for the study of George Catlin's printed images and texts consisting of images, map, texts, bibliography, and links to the World Wide Web. George Catlin traveled the North American continent from 1830-1838 to chronicle the people, customs and traditions of Native American tribes.

The James Otto Lewis' The Aboriginal Portfolio: The Complete Edition, includes lithographs produced by Lewis. James Otto Lewis lived in Detroit in the 1820s and was retained by the U.S. Government to paint portraits of Native Americans. Lewis also attended treaty councils in the Great Lakes Region between 1825 and 1827 to document the proceedings and participants. The CD-Rom includes a catalog of images linked to a locator map, images of the colored lithographs in four resolutions, all texts and indexes, bibliography of over 1000 citations including web links, an introductory essay, and online help.

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