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Central Arizona Project

CAWCD Board of Directors

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Central Arizona Project brochure
MSS-163 Box 51 Folder 9

Goddard's involvement in water resources continued after his governorship and, in 1986, Goddard was elected to represent Maricopa County on the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Project Water Conservation District (CAWCD). He was president of the governing body from 1993-1994 and was re-elected to two more terms on the board, serving through 2004.

In 2004, the CAWCD recognized Goddard, along with former Congressman and Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, for their contributions to the authorization of the Colorado River Basin Project Act, which included authorization of the Central Arizona Project.

Part of the proclamation read: "Governor Goddard provided the local leadership and joined with Arizona's Congressional delegation to obtain authorization of the United States Congress...[he] has committed more than twenty years of leadership and sage wisdom to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for current and future generations of Arizonans.1

1 Central Arizona Project press release, produced 8 Jan 2004, copied 24 Nov 2004.


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