Samuel P. Goddard Interview -- Ackerman Campaign Manager

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SG = Sam Goddard

SG (S. Goddard): Uh, I've got a good friend here that also is a Harvard graduate and he was interested in the Phoenix Symphony. And for our Festival down there, we wanted to bring a major symphony down to play in the Festival and Louis was a board member. Louis McLennon. And, uh, he helped us get that done. And it was uh, a real success. We had a lot of people for it. We did that (laughs) in the stadium too. And, uh, uh, Louis wrote me when I was on vacation in, uh, uh, oh, what's Albuquerque and what's -- Santa Fe. I was up in Santa Fe and, uh, he said, 'Sam, what are you doing for the next two or three months?' And at that time I didn't have anything particular on the pan. And I made the mistake of telling him. So he decided I should run the Southern Arizona campaign for a guy named Ackerman who was running for Governor.

The ultimate faux pas, at that time in the Democratic Party was to talk about Right to Work. Do you remember that law we had, that was, uh, and uh, the Right to Work law was an anathema to any labor union or any of the Democratic Constituency. So what does he do but go up to Prescott and make a bit pitch to the AFL/CIO that they should be going for the Right to Work Bill. Which ended him then. Right then. No more. No more discussion. Nothing else. That finished Lee Ackerman.